Monday, September 23, 2013

Sorry, I have not written a blog so long time.  I think it is time for me go back to it and write something in my blog.  I wasn't sure if anyone is reading my blog and dont bother to leave the comments.  BUT - I will keep trying to write more often in the next a few months and see what happens. :)

Hope you will enjoy my new bogs in the future

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Many months ago, I was playing with the facebook one night, and I discovered this greatest funny comic strip artist. I wish I have his talent, but I enjoy reading his comic strip.  Each time Brian Crane posts his work on his facebook or his blog. You can see one of his comic strips above here. It is extremely great strip to read.

About Brian Crane, when Brian was a little kid, he seriously loved to draw many things. Brian thought of becoming to be a comic strip artist.  As Brian got grown-up, and he felt his talent was not good enough for a daily comic strip.  As the result of that, he ended up being an graphic designer and art director.  He worked many jobs for a various art companies much as publishing companies, art studios and advertising agencies. For years as time goes by, he got married to a great wife, Diana Long, and they have many kids. He went to BrighamYoungUniversity in 1973 to get his BA. That time, I was three years old kid, but I never met Brian.   More years later, he became around 40 years old; he determined to try again to use his talent as Newspaper Daily Comic Strip.  That is a lot of work, whew, but he did it with his love each moment to do his work.  He got his awards and his dreams have pay off, but I am sure he has more new dreams to work on some more. Nobody should not stop dreaming what he or she wants to do in his or her lifetime. Anyways, his comic strip called, “Pickles.” It is about older folks and their daughter, grandson and pets. His Fans actually in love with his comic strip all the times. Everyone thought its entertaining fun comic strip to read.

By the way, Brian’s daughter helps and supports him with love to do the color his comic. She must be proud of him daily so his grandchildren are proud of him. His wife is blessed to have him in her life.  Moreover, his supporting fans are also proud of him, too. I hope he keeps on going to work on his comic strips.

You can check out his comic strips on Brian’s blog at

Enjoy it!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Apostle of the Deaf of America

It's something for you to enjoy to watch! Enjoy!

Sandy Storm

Sandy Storm Surge
Sandy Storm Surge (Photo credit: daspader)

A couple of days ago when the Sandy Storm was passing by the city where I live, I was extremely sick at that night. I was having the asthma problem and becoming weak. Someone did try to invite me to stay over night, but I rejected that idea. So, I knew I will have a problem with my room because of the sump pump.  When the power went off, then the stump pump stop working, and then I will have the flood coming in my room. So, I went outside to get the help. The wind was blowing so strong and it was very uncomfortable. I could not breathe extremely well.  I was so weak. I realized at that moment I need to go the next door, because it was so dark and I could not stay inside of the basement where I was having a flood.  It was struggling for me to get myself over there at the next door. I yelled for the help but they did not hear me yet because it was extremely windy and it was raining hard. I was so wet and uncomfortable. They finally heard me and other people come over to help.  Somehow, my friend from his residence that lives a mile away from my home felt that he needs to get me. His wife agreed with him. I think he was a little bit surprised that I was unwell and having a trouble night.  Moreover, he told me not to stay alone. I did went ahead to go with my friend and stayed their home for about three days. I felt so much better and I stayed sleep longer than I normally do. Now, everything is back to normal again. And, I am glad that nothing bad happen to me at that night.Whew!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

These chickens sat in their favorite spot near my front door all day and watching me coming in and coming out of my home.  They did not move anywhere by the middle of the day for some reasons. The weather was cool, not hot. So, I don’t know why they did decide to sit there for about two hours. Perhaps, they want to check me out or being curious what is in my room.  My landlord owns around 20 chickens so far. The chickens come out their Hen Barn and look for food all day. The yard is very big. They usually go back to their home around 7pm and sleep or lay an egg! Yup, The landlord is getting a lot of eggs.  The landlord probably get around 12 eggs or more.  Maybe – I will take a picture of nest and the egg, too.  I will write more about them, soon.

Writing a Thank you card to your family and friends!

Thank you Card
Thank you Card (Photo credit: Jon Ashcroft)
There are times I do write the thank you cards these days.  It is heartbreaking that not so many people are doing it now because they are getting idle and losing the good manners.

Writing thank you cards are so important. Especially, if the new couples are being married invite you, a person graduating from college or something like that.  A person should write a thank you note when they get a gift or give the thanks for attending to person’s important day. Any time I meet with an important person the first thing I do when I get back to my home is using my time to write a quick note on my stationary and go off it in the mail. It is significant to me that people I visit with know how thankful I am that they took time out their busy schedule to meet with me for any reasons. I have to remind myself many times. Yes, there are times, I would forget to do that, but I try to go back to the path and stay in a habit to write thank you notes.

If you do it and I can promise that you will definitely not regret sending a thank you card!

Thank you for reading!

I am sorry to all my readers for a long absence, because I have been not doing the blog for many months.  Now, I am getting back it and I will stay with it. I am not sure which blog I will use the most. We will see. I do have a different blog:  Hope I will have more readers to visit my blog and letting me know at any time that they did read my blog. I have no ideas who are my readers now.

I will be in touch soon.

Friday, June 29, 2012

operation deaf orphans blog: Finding Seven More Orphans

operation deaf orphans blog: Finding Seven More Orphans: A few days ago Alex and his team went on a survey trip to see seven deaf orphans in villages.  Check their blog and get more information!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Deaf Missions: Mission Outreach in Africa

Deaf Missions: Mission Outreach in Africa: Encourage you to check out the blog on the mission team now reaching out to deaf orphans in Africa.  To view the blog go to http://www.odeaf...